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Episode 7 we talk with Troy Hayes about the importance of Branding in today’s e-commerce. Troy has over thirty years of experience in marketing and branding and has influenced many of you with his advertisements.  You drank Bud Light because “Spuds Mackenzie” and ate Wheaties because Michael Jordan said “You Better Eat Your Wheaties” and cruised on Carnival because it became the “Fun Ship.” Troy was the creator of these iconic slogans and has helped many companies launch their new product or service.

Troy defines Branding as “A relationship between the product and the consumer” and further defines Branding in three steps; who are you, what do you do and why should I care? Troy also states “make sure you know why you are better than the competition.”  If you are having difficulty defining this, Troy can help you figure out what makes you better.

I asked Troy who should call him? “Anyone who has a tough marketing issue.” states Troy. So if your company is small, mid-size or a larger company launching a new product or service, call Troy Hayes and his company to put you on the right path. Who knows, you could be the next Spuds!

Troy’s tip for those who live here or moving here is this. Explore the history of Florida, “get off the main drag and hit the back roads” says Troy.  Florida is steeped in history and many of these sites are fading fast.

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