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Mike, a native Floridian, grew up in Ybor City, where his Grandfather worked as a Master Cigar Roller. Then he worked in Alaska for a couple of years before moving back to Florida settling down in Pinellas County. Mike loves the “kickback” lifestyle that’s associated with Florida. “It’s the only place you can go to work in a casual shirt and flip-flops and that’s considered normal” Mike says. He recently made a trip to Cuba where his wife was born. “It’s like stepping back in time” stated Mike, “It’s a wonderful place full of rich culture.” 

In lending for over 31 years he has seen many changes in the mortgage industry. Most recent is the new TRID regulations to help disclose fees to the borrower. “It has added about two weeks to all closings” stated Mike “But it’s not all bad.” Lending in Florida is much different than most states and Florida has different lending practices depending if you’re in the North, Central or Southern region. Mike is very knowledgeable about all aspects of Mortgage Financing from the simplest straight forward loan to the very complex, multiple income stream borrower. 

Tip from Mike for Becoming Floridian is “Become an Explorer.” “Florida has a lot to do down here, don’t limit your experience just to Orlando and Disney because there’s many more sights to see and enjoy.” 

If you need a lender in Florida, Mike Alea with FBC Mortgage is someone you need to contact. He can provide Pre-Approval Letters within 24 hours and the process is now online so no need to take time away from your vacation or make an extra trip down here, but now that I think about itthat’s not such a bad idea after all. 

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