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In this episode I talked with Jason Delacruz owner and operator of Don’s Dock located on world’s famous John’s Pass Boardwalk. Jason is a key figure in the commercial fishing industry. He also owns Wild Seafood Company a wholesaler of fresh fish in Madeira Beach Florida. Jason, a native Floridian shares with us how at a very early age he was introduced to fishing through the encouragement of his Aunt. “She was a first mate on a commercial fishing boat” Jason said. “I was able to do a fishing trip on a boat with her at the age of 9, and it was awesome.”

He shares his passion for recreational spearfishing and after receiving numerous awards plus winning the pinnacle for the St Pete Open, Jason was lead to pursue commercial spearfishing. He is completely immersed into the Salt Life, “You really don’t move here unless you want to be on the water” said Jason. “Close to 50% of the homes have waterfront views.”

If you’re looking to purchase fresh fish (mainly Red Grouper) at wholesale prices, then contact Wild Seafood Company for more information. If you live near John’s Pass or are wanting to purchase fish for a special occasion while visiting Madeira Beach, then head over to Don’s Dock located at the end of the John’s Pass Boardwalk. They provide great fresh fish straight off the boat and the deck hands will clean and fillet your fish for you.

Jason’s advice for those considering moving to Florida, “even though we have some of the best winters, make sure you like hot weather, we kind of corner the market on that.”

Mentioned in this Episode:

  1. Wild Seafood Company 
  2. St Pete Open- Spearfishing Torment
  3. Don’s Dock  
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